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Discover the Fairy Pools in Noosa Heads National Park

Discover the Fairy Pools in Noosa Heads National Park

The fairy pools are two natural tidal pools located between the basalt rocks just before the headland at Granite Bay. The sparkling pool waters are replenished at high tide when the ocean comes in and covers them. At this time depending upon how great the swell, the larger and deeper pool may be still be OK to access but you must be careful of underlying rocks so tread slowly. The best time to visit is at low tide when it’s calmer and the only time the smaller pool is cut off from the ocean. At this you can explore the fascinating ecosystems within the pools. You need to use goggles or a snorkel and mask to get up close to discover the beautiful spectacle of various corals and sponges growing there, it’s truly magical. Or you can just find a comfortable spot to sit and soak your feet, relaxing and taking in the fabulous ocean view being at one with nature.

Organising your trip

First check on BoM (Bureau of Meteorology) site for low tide times and pick an early morning preferably a weekday avoiding school holidays if possible, to avoid crowds. Ensure you wear sturdy footwear so scrambling down and back up is easier and take some water and snacks. Don’t forget to take your bathers, goggles, snorkel and towel. There is no shelter so if visiting in summer the earlier the better to avoid the hot afternoon sun. Wear a hat and clothing that will give you some protection from sun and if you plan to wear sun block whilst in the pools, please ensure it is reef friendly because you do not want to poison the inhabitants.

How to get there

Easiest way to access from Maison Noosa is to walk along Main Beach and then take the coastal path keep going past Tea Tree Bay and at the far end of Granite Bay there is a tree with a park bench underneath just before the track veers around a bend. At this point you will be able to get down amongst the rocks to access the pools at the bottom. The walk is just over 3.7 km on way and takes around 50 minutes depending on your level of fitness and of course how many sightseeing opportunities you take advantage of along the way. Image credit to ecologist-with-a-camera.com



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